You’ve seen waterproof and water-resistant fabrics and clothing materials before. But look closer. You’ve never seen water-resistant fabrics quite like this. Supreen’s unique fabric is made without any fluorocarbons. These fabrics are totally PFC- and PFOA-free.

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A pile of plush ducks made with the Supreen fabric

Supreen used a liquid barrier to treat fabrics, creating a material that is durable but soft to the touch. Better still, it has no fluorocarbons.

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Checkered fabric in black and white

That’s because fluorocarbons are in enough stuff already. You’ll find them in sealants, lubricants, waterproofing treatments, leather conditioners, and all kinds of different waterproof and water-resistant fabrics.

Red Supreen fabric

A silicone blend is embedded into the fiber of the fabric to protect the material against stains and liquid. Meanwhile, fluorocarbons have been found to potentially cause respiratory problems, including acute respiratory distress syndrome. They’ve also been linked to environmental problems. Fluorocarbons create greenhouse gases that linger and accumulate in the environment, increasing global warming and contributing to climate change.

The new colors of the Supreen collection

Supreen has used its fabric tech to create a wool-inspired material. There’s a houndstooth texture available, a heathered flannel and a tweed. The fabrics are available in 54 color options. This fabric is also Prop 65 compliant, which means 99% of all invisible contaminants are removed during the manufacturing process.

A light green fabric with a gritty texture

They look and feel like luxury materials. They have the feel of standard wool and other common textiles and they even have the drape and look of these materials. But these fabrics have water-repellency and stain resistance, which is always a good thing. No matter who you are or how careful you might be, something is going to spill on your clothing, upholstery or other fabrics.

One yellow Supreen duck

This particular line of fabrics from Supreen is meant for men’s suits. Supreen’s fabric technology has also been used for upholstery material.

Most importantly, it’s environmentally friendly. This fabric is made without the harmful, common chemical compound that’s used in so many other water-repellent and stain-resistant fabrics. Fluorocarbons are bad for human health and the environment. Fabrics like this and companies like Supreen are a clear step in the right direction.

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