The Netherlands is already known as a bicycling paradise, but from this moment on, the European country can also lay claim to the world’s fastest bicyclist! Dutchman Sebastiaan Bowier broke the world record for fastest bike speed this week as he ripped through the Nevada desert on a high-tech recumbent bike, reaching a top speed of 83.13 mph (133.78 km/h).

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Image © Jonathan Woolrich

Bowier was part of a team of Dutch students from TU Delft and VU Amsterdam who were sponsored by PostNL. They developed a recumbent bike with low air resistance, and their cyclists trained an average of 15 to 20 hours a week in order to be in top form for the races.

Team leader Wouter Lion said: “This is not only an achievement by the students and cyclists, but also the many businesses that supported us, including our chief sponsors PostNL, who have backed us since the very first team to emphasize that the Netherlands is a top cycling country, and that we should be proud of that fact.”

Bowier’s new world record clocked in at 0.37 mph (0.6 km/h) faster than the previous record holder, Canadian Sam Wittingham.


 Lead image © Jonathan Woolrich