Eneco, Rotterdam, Eneco headquarters, Eneco office building, Netherlands, Hofman Dujardin Architects, Fokkema & Partners

The first thing workers encounter when they arrive at the new 270,000-square-foot office building is the soaring atrium, which fills the core of the building with natural light. The bright white space reflects the light from above, further diminishing the need for artificial light. Three large staircases connect the entryway to the first floor, giving employees the option not to take the elevator. The interior also features several living green walls, which help to improve the air quality of the building.

The first floor features several informal meeting areas and conference rooms, most of which are colored different shades of green. To save space and increase efficiency, there are only 1,500 workstations for the company’s 2,100 employees, taking into account sick days and vacation. Because of that, the working desks are conceived of as flexible spaces that can be used by different people on different days.

The roof of the building features 288 solar panels, as well as a ‘suntrack’ photovoltaic system that follows the sun. The exterior wall feature a living green wall on one side and 366 solar panels on the other. The total amount of power generated by those solar panels is enough to provide power for 50 households. The building is located near the Rotterdam Alexander railway station, making public transportation a convenient option. But the building also features a small fleet of electric vehicles for use by employees who have to travel outside of the train system.

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