A team of university students from the Netherlands has won the most amazing race under the sun – again. Every two years, the World Solar Challenge pits students from around the world against one another in a competition to build a solar-powered car capable of traveling across the harsh Australian outback. This marks the fifth win for the Dutch team, who has dominated this race since their first entry in 2001.

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The winning team hails from Delft University. The Nuon Solar Team’s solar car for this year’s event, the Nuna8, is a sleek, low-slung vehicle covered in solar panels with room for one human driver. The “8” in the car’s name signifies the team’s eighth entry in the biennial race. The team has run a solar-powered car in each World Solar Challenge since 2001, winning four of those previous races. This year, just under 50 teams took on the 1,800-mile race, which spans from Darwin to Adelaide. The competition kicked off on Sunday and it took the winning car four days to reach the finish line.

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The winning team members were so excited about the accomplishment that they couldn’t resist celebrating on the spot. The students jumped into the fountain in Adelaide’s city center with reckless abandon, as seen in the video above. Reportedly, the Nuon team was practically neck and neck throughout the race with the Solar Team Twente, from University of Twente (NL) and the team from the University of Michigan (US). Pulling ahead into the leading slot and being the first to cross the finish line was a sweet victory for the Nuna8, given how close the competition truly was.

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Images via Nuon Solar Team