This week the some of the world’s most efficient sun-powered cars blazed across the Australian outback for the World Solar Challenge – and the competition just announced a winner! The 3000km race across Australia ended in Adelaide on Thursday, when the Dutch Nuon car pulled in two hours ahead of the competition. In total, it took the team only 33 hours to navigate their streamlined, one-seater solar car to the finish line with an average speed of 90.71 km/h.

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While this is the team‘s fifth victory, the Japanese team from Tokai University started out only minutes behind at the day’s starting checkpoint. Unfortunately, the Japanese car ran out of power just north of Adelaide and had to pause to recharge its batteries for two hours. Despite the setback, the team was still able to take second place.

These cars were part of the 10-team “challenger class” of the competition, judged solely on their speed. This year’s race also added another measure, the “cruiser class,” which emphasizes practical vehicle designs. Those results have yet to be announced.

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Via The Guardian