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With a cutting-edge combination of green features, Dwell’s most recent residential project will be the firm’s 100th certified home, expected to achieve the highest rating when it comes to sustainability. While the certification for the 2,218-square-feet building is still pending, its fantastic environmental and energy-efficient performance is already quite obvious.

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Windows were placed to maximizesolar gain, while the building’s insulation and structure provide an airtight indoor environment that minimize thermal and sound leaks. A heat recovery ventilation system provides fresh air and helps maintain comfortable temperatures.

A water heat pump generates 4.5kW of heat using only 1kW of energy and the building’s general energy requirements are met by harvesting solar power from roof-mounted photovoltaics. The roof paneling, which also acts as a rain screen, is built using naturally-weathered steel from a cannery in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The use of reclaimed and recycled materials extends into the interior, where countertops, cabinets and tiles made from locally sourced recycled materials form a cozy domestic environment.

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