From electric vehicle test drives to fully-built sustainable homes, the best green designs will be landing in Los Angeles starting TODAY for Dwell on Design 2011. The annual design extravaganza brings an incredible array of products, furnishings, and housewares to the L.A. Convention Center for three days of talks, exhibits, and events. Inhabitat will be hosting the Modern Family Lounge, so if you’re in the City of Angels, stop by and say hello. Hit the jump for a preview of a few of the dozens of eco-tastic activities that will be happening.

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If you’ve always wanted to take a spin in a super sleek EV, you’ll have the chance at Dwell on Design. Organized by Ron Cogan of Green Car Journal and, attendees will have the opportunity to test drive 13 different electric and hybrid cars. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, the Audi A7 sedan, and the cute Mitsubishi’s Euro-style i-MiEV will all be available.

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On the showroom floor, there will be a featured exhibit of a 500 square foot green home of the future designed and conceived by Ecofabulous, pieceHomes, and prefab builder OneBuild. The fully-appointed structure is outfitted with the latest green furnishings that highlight innovation in design with cutting-edge materials and new technologies. Green features include solar passive heating, natural ventilation, PV-ready, bathroom tiles made from recycled glass, renewable cork floors and much more.

If you’re looking to learn a little something about green design at the event, Dwell on Design has an entire stage devoted to sustainability. Events will range from a panel of prefab experts to discussions of the future of landscape architecture. On Friday evening, Bill McDonough, author of the revolutionary book Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, will be giving the keynote speech. During his speech, he will “describe how Cradle to Cradle intentional thinking about design, architecture, and industry can create a future that is ‘more good’ rather than ‘less bad.'”

If you haven’t bought them already, you can purchase tickets online here, where you can also view the complete list of exhibitors and events.

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