(Photo-printed furniture by OHIO Design)

It was another fabulous day at Dwell in Design in San Francisco. The first half of the day focused on sustainability in building and design. The panel was very well-selected and each speaker’s remarks built upon the previous one, moving from current projects to urgings for us to look beyond our current definitions of “green”, to a final presentation centered around Bucky Fuller, which spoke to legacy and history as much as to our potential to design a very different future.

In the afternoon, the event opened for a public trade show and expo, which felt like a mini-ICFF. One of the first booths to catch my eye was naturally an enduring Inhabitat fave, OHIO. Designer David Pierce had brought a stunning new collection of his photo-printed furniture (shown above and after the jump). We also saw the Branch crew, whose growing inventory never disappoints.

The final day will bring home tours around San Francisco and tune in Monday for a full wrap-up and review from Dwell in Design