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green design, eco design, sustainable design, open plan office space, Dymitr Malcew, tree house, modular furniture, break out office furniture, flexible work space Malcew’s office break out seating lets a modern flexible workspace be just that. Inspired by the structure of a tree house, he designed flexible pieces that could change the working environment easily. With each banquette on wheels, Malcew has allowed for varying arrangements to give workers different levels of privacy. Each modular unit includes enclosed bench seating, with a partial roof that slants downward. Natural timber walls are lined inside with brightly colored upholstery, to create a design flair, but also to absorb sound. Window cut outs in varying geometric shapes let natural light and air into each modular space.

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Inside each house or cubby-shaped module, plush cushions and pillows create a comfortable working environment. The cushions and pillows themselves are also modular, and can be pulled out and rearranged both inside and outside of the modules.

Mounted on wheels, the modules can be pulled together to create a meeting room with privacy that will not disturb the rest of the office, or conversely, create a private took to work quietly when the rest of the office is chaotic.

+ Dymitr Malcew

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