The folks who make vacuum cleaners that don’t lose suction have launched a lightbulb that doesn’t lose brightness—for 37 years. Dyson has developed a proprietary LED that they believe will last for nearly four decades, thanks to new cooling technology inside the bulb. The new Dyson technology is housed in a cleverly designed task lamp, the Dyson CSYS, marrying style and function to offer precise control of light over your workspace. The Dyson CSYS doesn’t just rival other energy efficient bulbs on the market; it could very well blow them all away.

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Dyson took on the challenge of making an LED last longer by addressing the issue that causes the bulbs to die: heat. Other LEDs are not able to cool themselves to the degree needed to prolong their already lengthy lifespans. Dyson’s engineers took a note from satellite technology and installed a horizontal heat-pipe, instead of the traditional round heat sink used in other bulbs. The aluminum heat sink in the Dyson bulb draws heat away from the bulb, protecting the LED’s phosphorus coating. With 12 hours of continual use per day, Dyson says they should last 37 years.

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LED bulbs are an amazing advancement in lighting technology, using less electricity than their fluorescent counterparts to create the same or better quality lighting. Increasingly, LED technology is becoming more pervasive on the market and, thus, in our everyday lives. Earlier this year, Philips launched a $5 LED bulb, the most affordable LED to date.

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The Dyson CSYS task lamp has a way to go before it’s ubiquitous, given its hefty starting price. Treehugger reports the desk lamp is for sale at $610, but I wasn’t able to find it for less than $990. Ouch. Yet, if the LED cooling technology works as well as Dyson’s engineers project and help the light fixture last for 30-some-odd years, it might be a worthwhile investment. That $990 price tag breaks down to just $27.76 per year over 37 years. We can hope to see that price lower over the coming years, as the cooling technology is refined and some worthy competitors enter the market with similar products.

For now, though, this cool Dyson LED is not just the biggest dog in the fight. It’s the only one.

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