One of the sexiest car brands on earth, Aston Martin, is working on an electric version of their compact car, the Cygnet. The EV will be dubbed the e-Cygnet and is based on a partnership with Toyota. The new, no-emissions Cygnet, like its non-EV sister, will be based off of the recently released Toyota iQ and it is safe to say that Aston Martin fans are more than a little upset about the high class company basing their new car on an, oh, so average Toyota.

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The Cygnet is probably part of a push by Aston Martin to reduce their overall fleet emissions and will be released in 2013 — one year after its Toyota iQ cousin. The Cygnet will be the first electric Aston Martin in history but critics are thinking that it isn’t the start of a trend. The chief executive Ulrich Bez — who was originally an engineer — is not interested in making larger electric vehicles.

The car is expected to be marketed as a compact, no-emissions city car for the high class commuter. The Cygnet is going at a price tag of about $48,800 and it’s expected that the e-Cygnet will have more dollar signs attached. In addition the new EV is expected to be a huge cash puller for Aston Martin with its wholesale price at just 1/3 of its manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Via Auto Blog