Riding a bicycle is a great way to commute to work every day – but what if you need to carry supplies, or even worse, if it starts to rain? Enter the E-Fox, a hybrid vehicle that combines the zero-emissions benefits of an electric bicycle with a lightweight shell that keeps users dry in inclement weather.

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Jesse Stephenson created the E-Fox as a new way to commute to work and as the perfect alternative to a car. It features a small electric motor that can power it up to around 20 mph, but if you want to go even faster you can also pedal. With 30 miles of range between charges, the E-Fox is perfect for urban commuters in congested cities like San Francisco, where many inhabitants bike to work every day. It also only takes up to five hours to recharge the small battery. Even though it has a protective shell, the E-Fox is still classified as an e-bike.

“What we have created is a fun, easy and safe way to do day to day traveling and leisure. What I love about it is that it isn’t just a trip to the store anymore, it really feels like I am going on a mini adventure every time I take off in my e-fox,” stated Jesse Stephenson.

How much does the E-Fox cost? It’s listed at $4,850 before shipping costs, but if you live near North Carolina, you can pick it up for free.

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