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According to e2a Architects, the renovation began by focusing on the restoration of the building’s original structure. The resulting design has a jutted entrance hall on the ground floor with three identical stories stacked on top, creating an L shape.  Perhaps the most striking feature of the new building is its perforated, raw aluminum cladding, which covers the facade like a hanging metallic curtain. The reflective quality of the exterior permits the building to blend in with its surroundings, adding a natural quality to the structure.

Although the renovation restored the building’s original grandeur, new features such as the elegant staircase were also installed throughout the building. The entrance, hallways and communal areas were left as open, minimal spaces, complimenting the elegant style of the new furniture and finishings. In contrast to the austere open spaces, the individual classrooms are equipped with high-end materials and finishes that create a lively and encouraging environment.

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Photos ©Radek Brunecky