We’ve seen algae-powered cars and biofuel-powered planes, but European aerospace company EADS is the first to combine the two with an algae fuel-powered aircraft. The company’s twin-engine Diamond DA 42, set to be unveiled next week at the Berlin Air Show,  runs partially on biofuel made from 100% algae.

One big advantage to using algae fuel: the plane requires 1.5 liters less fuel per hour than with conventional fueling systems because of the algae’s ultra-high energy content.

EADS has high hopes for algae-powered planes in the future, but the company hasn’t yet revealed when these hybrid planes might be commercially available. When they do arrive, however, the planes could help EADS achieve its goal of flying 10% of its fleet with biofuel by 2040. We’ll keep our eyes out for news on EADS’ progress.

Via PhysOrg