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With offices in both Paris and Rome, the architects are keen to create sustainable urban environments that do not act contrary to nature. But this doesn’t mean all the homes and buildings are tucked into the ground, though we do like those. Instead, they have ensured that urban blocks are both built around and integrated with biological corridors. Green walls and roofs help to lessen the coldness of the modular mixed-use buildings, which are all controlled by a sophisticated smart system that maximizes energy efficiency.

Although this earth city is about as green as it gets, the designers have incorporated technology as an important part of the project. In addition to photovoltaic panels, cogeneration, geothermal and a handful of other clean energy-generating systems that will power the entire city and its network of shared EVs, a smart system will ensure that energy is delivered only on an as-needed basis so that none goes to waste. Albeit still in the concept stage, Earth City reminds us what could have been, and what might still be if our leaders pull their heads out of… well, you know.

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