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In splashes of brilliant colors, Earth From Space gives a thorough portrait of the changing earth. An avid environmental activist and founder of GoodPlanet, Arthus-Bertrand has turned his love for photography into a tool to document environmental changes and issues around the world. Following his book Earth From Above, Earth From Space may give a more abstracted view of the earth, but also gives perspective of widespread environmental destruction.

The book includes imagery such as the receding blues of glaciers in the polar caps, the post-disaster zone of Chernobyl, and intense urban sprawl all across the globe. Also pictured and discussed are the effects of pollution in the ocean, taken far away from the human touch, snow loss on Kilimanjaro, and even migratory bird populations.

The 150 photographs are accompanied with text by Arthus-Bertrand on the impact of deforestation, urban sprawl, intensive farming, pollution and more. Earth From Space is the photographic proof needed to incite change in the treatment of our planet.

+ Yann Arthus-Bertrand

+ Abrams

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All Images © Earth from Space By Yann Arthus-Bertrand Published by Abrams