Here at Inhabitat, we like to think our readers are smart, proactive, discerning, and environmentally aware – ya’ll know we need more than just one day of action. That’s why this year, we’re offering a new way to celebrate the Earth every day of the year – no more one-day commitments to doing something good. This Earth Day we’ve seen an incredible range of reactions to the eco holiday, and rather than celebrating the earth for a singular day we would like to propose a new idea – an Earth Year’s Resolution. Much like your New Year’s Resolution, this is a chance for you to make a year-long commitment to the Earth and her people, and we want to hear what it is! Pick at least one eco-friendly action to commit to for the whole year, post it below in the comments, and we’ll be awarding our super-soft and super stylish green Inhabitat t-shirt to the best response!


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The deadline is this Friday 11:59pm April 24th, so submit your Earth Year’s Resolution today!

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To enter our Earth Year’s Resolution contest, pick an environmental action that you have been struggling with – long hot showers, driving your car when you should ride your bike, to-go coffee, plastic produce bags – and commit to changing it. Make a long lasting impact, not just on this one day, but for the whole year, and hopefully the rest of your life. Then enter a comment below telling us what it is and we’ll select the best response to win an Inhabitat t-shirt of your choice. The deadline for entry is this Friday April 24th, so submit your resolution today!