Regular readers of Inhabitat will know that we don’t often get into our personal lives here on this site – but when sustainability news overlaps with family ties, we feel that its our duty to step up and announce to the world. On that note, I am very excited to announce that my sister Katie Fehrenbacher has just launched a new sustainable technology blog, called Earth2Tech, with GigaOm’s Om Malik. Katie has been blogging for GigaOm for the past year and decided that there was a need for a blog focused on the intersections between the tech industry, the business of green, and startups that will use technology and innovation to combat climate change.

I’m super excited about this new launch for Katie, and of course visions are running through my head of the two of us as “Sustainability Blogger Sisters” – sorta like a Dear Abbey and Ann Landers type of thing… Aaah…

I’d like to think that my big sisterly influence had something to do with GigaOm going green, but I get no credit in the launch posts, so who knows? 😉 Either way, I think Earth2Tech will be an invaluable resource, both for the silicon valley investor community and also for us greenies who might not be so good at keeping up with the business and investment side of the green movement. I look forward to reading it.

Congrats to Katie! Please give her some sisterly love, and check out her site here >

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Jill & Katie Fehrenbacher