How would like to lie down on a bed of milky sap? No? What if you knew it came from organic rubber trees in Sri Lanka? While it sounds weird, milky sap from organic rubber trees actually turns into an incredibly springy, durable and shockingly comfortable material. This is the Earthfoam mattress.

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Mattress and pillow in a neutral-tone room

Earthfoam isn’t associated with the big mattress industry. This is a family-owned company that operates independently making mattresses the old-fashioned way: with foam rubber. This used to be standard in mattresses, actually, but then synthetics came along. They were a lot cheaper…and much worse for the environment.

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Wrapped up packaging of either mattress or pillow

The company is based just outside Chicago, Illinois, in an also family-owned factory. Every mattress is designed, assembled and hand-sewn here. In fact, all of the mattresses are compression-wrapped in paper. The pillows are also packed in biodegradable bags.

Model sitting on the Earthfoam mattress in a white gown.

All the mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers are made with Earthfoam, that tree sap stuff you’ve heard so much about. Earthfoam is made with 100% natural rubber, is sourced sustainably, and has been layered with breathable wool and soft, quilted cotton.

Two people sitting on the Earthfoam mattress

The material is comfortable yet firm and not squishy. It’s supportive and it’s incredibly durable. In fact, these mattresses last up to three times longer than more standard mattresses. Earthfoam conforms to your body but without that “sinking” feeling you get with other foam mattresses.

Mattress on a wooden riser

The Earthfoam topper is two inches thick and made with wool batting and quilted cotton. Additionally, the breathable wool and organic cotton are breathable and non-irritating on the skin.

Different Earthfoam mattresses with models on them

Mattresses are available in twin, twin extra large, full, queen, king and California king sizes. Meanwhile, the pillows have different firmness levels. They’re made with layers of organic cotton. This design absorbs pressure while the breathable design keeps the pillow cool all night long.

The entire supply chain is sustainable and importantly, transparent. Earthfoam works with a network of fair-trade, certified organic rubber tree farms. So maybe it’s time to think about that bed of tree sap after all. Because soon, more people will be talking about it…and sleeping on it!

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Images via Stephanie Gonot