Earthquakes take the lives of too many people each year and one designer has had enough. Wang Wenxi is credited with a circulating video of bed prototypes which hastily lock away sleepers at the first sign of a quake. This is done by dropping slumberers into a vault-like panic room underneath their mattresses. While the thought of a natural disaster strikes fear into many people’s hearts, these contraptions would make any claustrophobic pause before climbing into bed.

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Wenxi received a Chinese patent in 2010 for earthquake-proof beds and it appears he has made some updates to the designs. The video depicts a variety of different models, some of which are less terrifying than others. Each would be equipped with storage for vital emergency supplies, like water, food, filtering masks, and fire extinguishers and would be made from strong metals to supposedly withstand the weight of a crumbling building.

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The internet has taken to questioning the concept, calling it “weird” and “the scariest part of a natural disaster.” The practicality of the bed is shaky, as many point out how unrealistic it would be to fit a heavy, presumably steel box into an apartment. Others question how safe different sleeping positions may be once the bed bursts into action. Another valid concern is: how do people get out? If one thing is for sure, it is that those who do not live in earthquake-prone locations are rejoicing about that fact and never having to sleep in one of these earthquake-proof beds.

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