Many experts suggest that the safest way to ride out an earthquake is to stand in a doorway or hide under a table to protect yourself from falling debris. However a Japanese company, Shinko Industries has come up with a more sturdy solution – a seismic bed known as the Wood Luck which is capable of supporting 65 tons of pressure!

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Surprisingly, the earthquake-proof bed isn’t made from sturdy space age materials like titanium or steel – it’s constructed from specially aged cedar and held together with sturdy metal fittings. All in all, the bed is strong enough to support falling ceiling debris such as plasterboard and light fittings.

While the company has only released images of a single-sized earthquake-proof bed, Shinko has stated they have a double version, should you wish to keep your loved one safe as well as yourself. Plus if an earthquake strikes while you’re in your home, you can probably fit your entire family on to the bed to protect them from any falling objects.

Unfortunately, such safety comes with a heavy price tag – the Wood Luck bed weighs in at $5,600 (or $6,250 for the semi-double version). It may be worth it if you live in an earthquake prone area and need a sturdy and reliable shelter for yourself and your family.

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