On New Year’s Eve, Downtown Dubai will host an epic celebration, featuring fireworks, lasers, lights, and an illuminated LED screen wrapped around the sides of the world’s tallest building. The 2700-foot-tall Burj Khalifa will be transformed into a giant projection screen, where a six-part light spectacle will be projected leading up to the midnight countdown.

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The spectacle, hosted by real estate developer Emaar Properties, will not only mark the dawn of the new year in Dubai, it will also be a tribute to Dubai and its leadership and a recap of the past 43 years of local achievements. Designers custom engineered the show for the Burj Khalifa and will use lights and pyrotechnics to highlight the building’s unique architecture.

The show consists of six parts, each of which will feature different colors and shapes displayed on the LED screen. In the first scene, the tower will be bathed in silver and gold strobe effects. In the second, rings and waves of rainbow hues will draw attention to the incredible height of the structure. The show designers hope each subsequent ‘act’ will help build excitement and anticipation, leading up to the final countdown into the new year that will be marked by showering the tower in a million stars.

Millions of people are expected to attend the New Year’s Eve celebration, and even more will watch from one of four different camera angles via a live web feed. Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made structure on earth, and has held that title since it was built in 2004. Boasting a giant fountain, an observation deck at 1,483 feet, and a 27-acre park, the skyscraper is home to commercial and residential space, and also includes a hotel.

Via Dubai Chronicle

Images via Shutterstock and Edward Stojakovic.