Studios Architecture has designed a new green office, meeting, and exhibition space that aspires to become a hub of sustainability in the Sacramento area. Dubbed the Earth’smart building, the center would be an ideal place for individuals to converge in order to discuss, plan and work towards increased sustainability in the fields of construction, public policy, industry, investment, design, and education.

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The Earth’smart building consists of 5 stories built around a central atrium, and it houses a large exhibit hall, reception and event registration areas, and an indoor/outdoor cafe. Numerous offices, a research library, and conference rooms in cantilevered pods would also be available. On top of the building, a green roof and a lounge and cafe offers views of the capital underneath the shade of a photovoltaic array.

Daylight filters into the building through the glass facade, and natural ventilation is aided by the chimney effect in the central atrium. Storm water infiltrates through the exterior garden spaces, and inside a 5-story waterfall provides low-energy evaporative cooling to the spaces surrounding the atrium.

The design is still speculative at this point, but Studios Architecture is dedicated to making this multi-purpose building an example for sustainable construction in California’s capital city.