Looking for a luxurious hotel to stay at in the Netherlands? Why not try out this Cold War-era East German airplane, which has been transformed into a super delux hotel suite. Parked next to the Teuge Airport in The Netherlands, this fantastic hotel suite for two comes complete with all the amenities — including a cockpit where you can watch the planes land and take off. All of this comes at a fairly reasonable price of €350 per night; you even have a 24-hour on-call hostess.

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Run by Hotel Suites, this reclaimed airplane hotel is full of luxurious amenities like a jacuzzi, shower, infrared sauna, 3 flat screen televisions, blu-ray DVD player with a comprehensive collection of DVDs, a pantry, free wifi, air conditioning and more. They also rent out the hotel suite as a meeting place, so jet-setting business types can fly into the airport, park their jet alongside it and hop into the meeting. All the flying to get to the airplane certainly isn’t green, but the reclaimed airplane is pretty great.

The plane is an Ilyushin 18 that was built in 1960 and was used to transport some of the big wigs of the DDR until 1964. Then for 22 years the plane flew passengers for Interflug to Cuba, Russia, China and Vietnam. Before being turned into a hotel room, the 40 meter long plane was renovated and utilized as a restaurant for 15 years. It’s definitely swanky and a little over the top, but is probably a fun night’s stay, especially for airplane aficionados.

Via Gizmodo and CubeMe