Clockwise from left: Bunny stud earrings $20, Bunny necklace $40, Bunny circle earrings $45

Understated and quite adorable, this recycled bunny jewelry from Figs & Ginger is perfect for celebrating spring. Made of a minimum of 50% recycled sterling, each piece is hand-crafted by North Carolina-based couple Elijah and Rhonda Wyman. We couldn’t help but release a delighted squeal when we saw the bunny earrings — and then we realized this was only the tip of the iceberg. The bunny pieces are part of a larger assortment of exquisitely-shaped, forest-inspired earrings, rings, and necklaces.  With fawns and perched birds, we are reminded of just how important the forest is for protecting a number of animals, cute and un-cute ones alike. And with prices like $20 – $45 for a pair of earrings, we’re positive that anyone could snag up a pair of bunnies earrings, a fawn necklace, and maybe even a bird ring. Read on for a special offer for Earth Day 2009!

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This Earth Day and Arbor Day, Figs & Ginger is celebrating by offering folks who plant a tree FREE JEWELRY. They simply ask that you capture the act with a photo or video and send it to them. In return, they will send the first 50 a recycled sterling necklace AND either a pair of fawn earrings or a fawn tie tack. 300 more pairs of earrings or tie tacks will be given out after that. More information can be found here.

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