Entrepreneurs are exploiting a medicinal craze that has swept across China – and it hinges upon the belief that eating cockroaches can remedy blood clots, gastroenteritis, tuberculosis, heart disease and other health conditions. A booming new industry for farming millions of the creepy crawlies has emerged. Once they reach a certain level of maturity, the cockroaches are crushed into pills that believers consume like a daily vitamin. Native Chinese people, particularly in the country’s northern regions, have eaten cockroaches for centuries, so there is virtually no social stigma associated with popping roach pills – and the business of raising them comes with a substantial payback.

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Entrepreneurs with enough insight to spot the trend have started raising millions of cockroaches with the intention of selling them to pharmaceutical companies as a form of medicine. 43-year-old Wang Fuming from China’s Shandong province is one such entrepreneur who currently raises around 22 million of the insects in a string of concrete bunkers located in a suburban area of Jinan. Before they turn four months old, he kills them and sells their bodies to pharmaceutical companies, which crush them and turn them into pills and powders for public consumption.

According to Natural News, Wang says that the cockroaches he raises aren’t your standard household variety. “There are hundreds of species of cockroaches, but only this one has any medicinal value. It is native to Guangdong province,” he says. He is referring to Periplaneta americana, also known as the American cockroach.

Wang says that cockroach farming is a lucrative industry, with earning potential that significantly outstrips other professions such as traditional farming. He currently earns between $50,000 and $150,000 a year for his roach crop and has quintupled his output in just two years; and if that isn’t enough to make your skin crawl, Wang has helped to establish more than 30 other roach farms in the area.

Via Natural News

Images by Jesse W. Dillthebrettburton