New York and Portland-basedE/B Office recently unveiled plans to build this amazing SEAT Pavilion from 400 simple wooden chairs at Freedom Park in Atlanta. Home to a number of permanent art installations, the park stretches out over 200 acres of green landscape – and this amazing 3-dimensional wave will soon soar out of the ground. The chairs’ purpose changes as they become the structural building blocks of this inspired design – read on for a closer look.

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Lag bolts, clamps, and screws are used to connect each chair in the installation. These joining points are hidden from view, creating an invisible thread through the seats that makes it look as if they are floating above the ground.

By re-examining the familiar weight and heft of a chair, the concept explores the visitor’s perception of sitting through an architectural structure. Each of the chairs is rotated outwards on the periphery of the design so that visitors can look out over the surrounding neighborhood. Within the wave, the chairs are faced inwards to create a more intimate space.

+ E/B Office

+ Freedom Park Project

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Images courtesy of E/B Office