eBay just announced on Twitter that it will not renew its membership with the controversial climate change-denying political group American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). With this action, eBay becomes the 100th company to sever ties with ALEC since the launch of ALEC Exposed in July 2011. ALEC is a nonprofit organization, funded by corporate interests, that lobbies to dilute and overturn environmental protection rules.

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The recent exodus of technology firms from ALEC include Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. Now, eBay has joined the ranks, severing its relationship with the firm that denies climate change and criticizes EPA rules related to reducing carbon pollution. Other giant companies, such as General Motors and GE, have also made the decision to ditch their associations with ALEC.

These 100 break ups represent a great loss of income for ALEC, and therefore a reduction in the resources available to harm the environment. The companies removing their support from ALEC have done so in part due to efforts by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) which works with other climate change awareness groups like Forecast the Facts and Credo Action. In the upcoming year, these groups will continue their work to urge other large companies to part ways with ALEC.

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