It’s still surprising to see how few retail spaces there are dedicated to green products. However, hopefully this is set to change in Britain, with the arrival of Eco Age, a cutting-edge, high-end designer gadgets and interior designs store in the upmarket family district of Chiswick, London. The retail space enables customers to see, touch and smell products before purchase – essential for customers who want to make a considered purchase based on their appreciation of all of these sensory aspects, and crucial for products that want to break from the ‘instant landfill’ norm. It also makes it much easier for good intentions to be turned into green-minded action.

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We should know, Eco Balls have been on our ethical shopping list for the past two years, but we didn’t get around to actually buying them until they were waved in front of us in the store. Other products include beautiful wallpaper from Graham & Brown, sustainably sourced laser cut veneer lampshades by Catherine Kulberg and ready-to-be-knitted recycled wool from Annie Sherburne.

Aware that cheeky consumers may treat the store as a showroom before purchasing goods off the net for less, the store has integrated a range of services into its offer. The basement houses an interior design consultancy that recommends paints, wallpapers and home energy systems to individuals and businesses. The store is also intended to be used as a networking space for anyone who wants to know more about how best to do their bit. With this much convenience, advice and encouragement on offer, we’re expecting the store to be responsible for a lot of positive change in the capital.

+ Eco Age