, a new UK-based natural history TV channel has recently begun broadcasting. To celebrate their launch, the network built a 16-foot-high sculpture of a mother polar bear and her cub stranded on an iceberg. Also meant to increase awareness about the plight of the polar bear and their dwindling habitat as a result of climate change, the sculpture was sent to float down the Thames river. The event took place on January 26th and started at Greenwich, South East London traveling to the Tower Bridge and then to the House of Parliament.

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The 1.5-ton sculpture was created by a team of 15 artists, who worked for 2 months to create the 20-feet by 20-feet sculpture. The mamma bear and her cub started their journey at 6:30 am and traveled for 7.5 miles to reach their destination, where they had their photos taken by the press. Eden will highlight the sculpture and the melting of the ice caps this week along with their Fragile Earth series.

, a well-known broadcaster and wildlife conservationist, says: “The melting of the polar bears’ sea ice habitat is one of the most pressing environmental concerns of our time. I commend Eden for highlighting the issue; we need to do what we can to protect the world’s largest land carnivores from extinction.”

Check out the video of the bear on the river.

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