Neozoon, is the singular form of a species of animal introduced to an area by humans. It is also the name of a  artist who is re-populating urban areas with animals made from old fur coats. We’ve seen this striking kind of graffiti before from Inhabitat favorite Edina Tokodi, but the use of recycled fur adds another layer of irony. There is a suggestion that in this time of ecological change, the ghosts of fur-coats past have returned to reclaim their original habitats.

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According to PETA, about 30 percent of fur sold in the US is from wild-caught game. Once caught, the animals are kept in cramped cages, and many are poisoned before being skinned. The artists’ website depicts silhouettes and wall upholstering in Paris and Berlin, with animal forms ranging from house cats to foxes. In each piece of artwork, the fur shape is both a subtle change and a shock to the system. We love this kind of design-burly, unique, paradigm-shifting stuff. It gives us the strange desire to cuddle a wall.

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via Beautiful Crime and notcot