When it comes to eco-art, it doesn’t get much better than Edina Tokodi’s awesome green graffiti made from living moss. Inhabitat has been following artist Edina Tokodiand her tongue-in-cheek moss art installations for awhile now — from streetside bambis to greenings of Philadelphia Transportation.  Now we’re excited to see the latest of her work appearing in galleries and blank walls all over.

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In an interview with the Wooster Collective, Tokodi states: “Certainly, my greatest ambition is to create more and more complex works that allow me to explore the diversity of and possible connections between (organic) materials and, still, to remain close to the nature.”  Her  ambition is evident in her more recent works: the initial fuzzy lines of her first animal silhouettes are sharper.  She is also using new techniques,  like reverse cutouts.

Edina builds on her characteristic meme of shadows-of wild-life — the fuzzy and simple reminders for urbanites that there is a wilderness out there beyond our cities —  in her latest work Wunderbaum, a giant tree-shaped air freshener with the phrase “Ocean Breeze”. How can you not love that? The piece serves as living street art that is a commentary both on our urban landscape and on our (bizarre?) need for scented car products.

That’s the power of Mosstika’s work: it assaults passers-by on multiple sensory levels. It’s soft and approachable. It’s alive. It’s shaped to remind us of worlds beyond walls. And it does it with the kindness and humor of a grandma. You know, the one who was always telling you to go play outside.

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