Ice melts. Simple, yes, and yet it seems to be one of those seminal issues of our time. Ice is melting, in a big, thundering, shuddering, streaming-down way, and it’s making polar bears swim longer, dissolving Arctic villages, and making the hunt difficult. Similar to the army of melting penguins from, Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo’s art installation of frozen men brings the Arctic ice melt to the equator, metaphorically speaking. Showcasing a multitude of thought-provoking figures carefully sculpted out of ice, these men seem to sit in contemplation as the midday heat slowly erodes their bodies.

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Photos of the sculptures have spread wide over the internet, earning comments and praise in Portuguese, Russian and English. The little people sit quietly as the sun slaughters them slowly. It’s funny, even if you’re sitting in front of your computer, wrapped against the cold of an unusually chilly day– the effects of the melting ice can be felt worldwide, though few of us have lived on permafrost.

Via Notcot and Art-Blog