Is it possible that this is the song of the plastic bag? Plastic’s infamous reputation with the eco-crowd has fueled a creative renaissance that stirs significant introspection into how we  have used plastic and how we can use it. Jellyfish. Sculpture. Woven mats. Haute Couture. In early March, art group Luzinterruptus immortalized the plastic bag with an impromtu garden of light. The installation, called “A Cloud of Bags Visit the Prado” occupied the area near The Prado Museum in Madrid for a period of about 4 hours. It included 80 such recycled baggies, which inflated with the aid of the wind.

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Luzinterruptus is an art group based in Madrid that creates art interventions that deal with light. They are also responsible for another fascinating temporary installation that delivered emergency supplies to urban weeds. Soon the dandelions and the plastic castaways will unite and save us all– or at least make some stunning art.

+ Luzinterruptus

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Photos courtesy of Gustavo Sanabria