Polar bears, polar bears, polar bears! At Inhabitat, we’ve seen these mascots of global warming used in all sorts of ways to call attention to environment issues: floating, dancing and swimming, but now to raise awareness, ecoideasnet is blowing them up and letting them fly away! Taking natural soap and helium gas, the Japan based eco/social-network created a set of white and cuddly polar bear shaped clouds and let them go where few have gone before.

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Originating from behind a faux iceberg landscape in a Japanese park, the bearish clouds are brought into existence and then left to float up to the heavens. The aim of the display is to provoke the onlooker to consider a deeper, more environmentally dire meaning contained within each cloud: Are these, metaphorically speaking, endangered-animal souls being sent to heaven? Or are the forms simply a representation of how delicate and short-lived the state of our current bear population is? Whatever the answer, who would have thought a day in the park could be so profound?

Luckily the event’s intention is actually not to trouble you, but to draw your attention to ecoideasnet – a new medium for people to spread and promote their latest green undertakings.

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