Making a statement through music is far from unfamiliar – some of the most powerful messages of our time have been embodied in the most fetching melodies. Taking the wide human reach held within this medium, designer Craig Colorusso has created “Sun Boxes,” an alien field of independently operating, solar-powered speakers, each remitting its own distinct guitar sample. A true marriage of sound and (natural) light, this array of speakers is able to create a glorious composition that attests to the value of solar powerin today’s world.

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Solely reliant on thesunfor its power, the piece changes in synch with nature, offering visitors clear auditory cues into the cycles that occur over a normal day. Each individual is strongly encouraged to wander the field and experience the evolution of music in relation to their position within the space, as well as the intensity of the sunlight – the Sun Boxes will adjust to the light accordingly, and stop playing music when the sun sets. Given the variation in volume and sound, each person is able to create their own experience specific to the path they take within the space.

If you happen to be in Rhyolite, Nevada on May 8th (today!) don’t miss out on the special concert hosted by Important Records, otherwise you can view a windy video of the boxes singing here.

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