Yuken Teryua‘s work proves that discarded everyday objects can be re-invented into something elegant and beautiful. The Japanese artist crafts toilet paper rolls with a level of detail so that they adopt a new identity as delicately sculpted pieces — reminiscent of columnar wind chimes intertwined in the branches of a tree. The Japanese artist has also used shopping bags and old pizza boxes in his collection of work that uses recycled materials to defy the defined roles of these objects.

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The artist shows a knack for seeing potential in every day objects to become something eye-catching, and believes that while artwork is a reflection of the artist’s beliefs — it is also important that artwork engages its viewers.  Yuken says: I feel that my work shouldn’t only have the function of conveying the artist’s message. My works have a right to simply be beautiful or offer any kind of attraction.

+ Yuken Teruya

via designboom