We’re always saying, in order for sustainability to be successful, it’s got to be sexy. A lot of good examples have passed across our radar, but Eco-Boudoir takes the cake. The London-based brand is not afraid to market itself as a sustainable product, since there’s no chance it’ll be mistaken for another crunchy company.

Using naturally-tanned leather with a closed loop chromium system, reused fur or by-product fur from the meat industry, local UK silks, and organic cotton, Eco-Boudoir makes a line of truly seductive interiors for the bedroom. They even do a line of accessories with silk sashes and leather. The images on the website are so sensual you can almost feel of the textures (and they’re a lot more luscious than burlap-sack hemp).

+ www.eco-boudoir.com
via: Treehugger