With limited burial space available, Hong Kong officials have begun heavily promoting eco-coffins made of corrugated cardboard. Available in Japan and across Europe, eco-coffins save time and energy, and considerably reducing toxic gas emissions during the cremation process. As Carrie Yau, Hong Kong’s Permanent Secretary for Health, Welfare & Food stated, “The eco-coffin coincides with the Asian philosophy of integration between man and nature. We will further study the material and design of the coffin and promote the application of the eco-coffin in Hong Kong to bring out the concept of paying tribute to the deceased through protecting the environment.”

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Australian maker LifeArt offers a range of designs including the option to personalize and even customize your own design. Eco Coffins Ltd of Cambridge, England, offer a number of beautiful designs—all of which are 100% biodegradable and made from 90% recycled materials. + Eco Coffins