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Built using eco-development techniques and a design by Bill Dunster of ZED Factory, Jubilee Wharf aims to reduce its resource consumption through wind turbines as well as recently installed photovoltaic panels. A thorough and contemporary construction, the building is designed to have natural ventilation. 300 mm insulation helps reduce energy consumption to less than half a regular building and systems fostering reduced water consumption are in place. Underfloor heating powered by a biomass boiler. Using natural fibers and surfaces, as well as low formaldehyde floor coverings, the entire construction attempts to encourage a healthy environment.

Re-energizing residents of surrounding towns, Jubilee Wharf provides 12 spaces rentable to creative businesses such as Artisan Ceramics and Cycle Solutions.

At the top of the building, Zedshed is community space with views along the harbor with space for up to 200 people. Constructed just beneath the reclaimed timber curved roof, the hall is home to yoga classes and a choir, and is rented for local public events. Downstairs is a vibrant cafe, Miss Peapod, that serves up local organic coffee and welcomes guest bands.

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