Chances are that a lot of us will be wrapping some last-minute gifts this weekend, whether we’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, or Festivus. Rather than going for regular store-bought wrapping paper, which is as wasteful to use as it is to create, there are some brilliant eco-friendly alternatives to use instead. Re-usable bags, fabric, or homemade wrap are just a few fun ideas that can be put to use to wrap presents, so read on past the jump for some ideas on how you can make this holiday the most eco-savvy yet!

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DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

One great way to decorate presents is to create your own gift wrap. You can take brown paper and print patterns onto it with stamps, paint, or stickers, and then tie it with twine, yarn, or ribbon. This is a great craft for kids, and you can be certain that your wrapping paper will be totally unique.

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furoshiki-shirt-diy Furoshiki Wraps

This Japanese form of fabric gift-wrapping is an ideal way to present your gifts without creating any waste. You can upcycle shirts and blankets into wraps, or even use shawls or scarves, and you just need to tie them creatively (little or no sewing required, depending on what fabric you’re using).

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Alternatives to Gift Wrap

Presents don’t all have to be wrapped to shape: they can be tucked into a variety of different containers instead. Paper bags, pillowcases, boxes, tubes, fabric stockings, or even cookie tins are ideal for holding presents.

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Silk Scarves

One great thing about these scarves is that they’re not just great for wrapping gifts; they’re gifts unto themselves. Once your recipient has unwrapped their present, the fabric can be used to decorate their homes, as fashion accents, or even as cute pet accessories.

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