While compiling your list of besties to share the joy of the season with, look into companies dedicated to protecting the health of the planet, animals and customers too. These eco-friendly gifts will be perfect for your environmentally conscious friends.

Several bottles of beauty product lined up.


The name is appropriate for a company that hand mixes candles, bath & body and home cleaning products that cater to individual preferences. It provides small-batch options that incorporate recipe combinations from over 60 fragrances. Set the right tone through anything from Cilantro Coriander to Lime Blossom. Gifts, holiday products, and everyday items are made to order for freshness and to reduce waste. 

A hand holding several bottles of beauty product.

Maria Nila

For the vegan on your list, Swedish haircare brand Maria Nila has the label-reading done for you. All products are 100% vegan, animal-friendly and available for a variety of hair types. Check out options like shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, and even hair-styling products like sea salt spray and heat protecting spray. Maria Nila also gives back through a variety of campaigns. This year it will support wildlife through The Perfect World Foundation.

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Candles and sprays stacked together next to a bag reading "Cannabolish."


As cannabis is decriminalized in more places, it’s a product people can enjoy more freely. However, not everyone appreciates the smell of freshly-burnt cannabis, so Cannabolish has developed a line of smoke-absorbing products that remove, rather than mask, cannabis smoke. The sprays, candles and gels are all made from natural plant oils and water and remove odors without toxic ingredients.

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A beeswax wrap covering a bowl.

Beeswax wraps

Beeswax wraps have drawn a lot of attention in recent years as a helpful way to reduce plastic use. Although they’ve become easy to find, you can also make your own beeswax wraps for your family and friends. Kiley Gwynn, a contributor to Mountain Rose Herbs, maneuvered through several iterations of DIY beeswax wraps and provided a helpful tutorial describing the process here. While the basics are simply to cut fabric squares and coat them in melted beeswax and other natural ingredients, perfecting the craft took a bit more effort. Gwynn also developed another recipe that’s completely vegan.

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A lineup of shirts with the Alternative logo overlayed.

Alternative Apparel

The alternative to fast fashion that pollutes the environment and consumes resources is Alternative Apparel, an eco-conscious label dedicated to the creation of casual clothing made from natural and recycled materials. As a company, it’s been awarded as one of the 2021 World’s Most Ethical Companies, earned an ‘A’ Climate 2020 score, and been recognized by Energy Star. Clothing for men, women and youth can be found in the form of tees, sweats, sweatshirts, joggers, shorts and more. 

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Four bottles of wine surrounded by holiday decorations.

Tablas Creek Vineyard

Getting together with friends during the holiday season makes for the perfect pairing with a gift of wine. Grape plants at Tablas Creek are grown organically and biodynamically on land with a natural source of water from Tablas Creek. The soil, the plants and the resulting wines are propagated with attention to culture, history and a connection to the land. The vineyard is certified as Regenerative Organic and has won a host of international recognition awards. Cheers!

Several skincare bottles lined up.

Fenty Beauty

Skincare is an ongoing endeavor for most people on the hunt for the right combination of protection for the skin and the planet. Rihanna’s trendy cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, fits the bill on both accounts. The cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens and other products are all made with clean ingredients and are vegan by design. All products are also gluten-free. In fact, the lineup might be more notable for what’s not in it than what is, considering it’s free of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, formaldehydes, thiazolidinones, paraffins and sodium lauryl sulfate. Packaging is also environmentally-friendly with the use of recycled post-consumer materials and refill systems for products to minimize waste.

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A pair of bamboo earbuds next to a black case.

Champion True Wireless Earbuds

Innovations in some industries, such as technology, have been slow on the environmental-protections, but these earbuds, available through House of Marley, have taken something small and made a huge statement. The earbuds use a combination of bamboo, other natural wood materials and REGRIND™ silicone. Even the standard charging cord was redesigned to be made from 99% post-consumer recyclable polyester.

A graphic showing the materials that go into a Paper Guardian notebook.

Paper Guardian Notebook

Paper is a virgin material that results in innumerable trees being cut down for a single use, which contributes to deforestation. Plus, manufacturing pollution harms the water and air. Paper Guardian just successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop a notebook that uses paper you already have around the house. It allows you to resize the piles of misprints and junk mail to fit inside the protective case and neatly organize them into the integrated files. The notebook itself is made from 100% recycled plastic and is infinitely refillable, so you’ll never toss another notebook into the trash.

Three pairs of pink earrings.

Agar earrings, artwork and pendant lamps

The material is innovative and visually appealing. The resulting products make gifts for the new homeowner, college student or environmentalist in your life. Artist Yi Hsuan Sung developed the material from a gel sourced from red seaweed and ubiquitous in food throughout Asia. It’s zero-waste, biodegradable and handcrafted.

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