If you’re a fan of Inhabitat, chances are your partner supports sustainable living as well! If not, what better time than the holidays to introduce your special someone to one or two of this year’s best eco-friendly products? Use our 2020 guide to the best holiday gifts for partners.

A close-up of a hand wearing two golden rings.

Kimaï Jewelry

Celebrating a special anniversary or ready to pop the question this holiday season? Kimaï Jewelry offers the perfect solution to unethically sourced minerals with its lab-grown diamonds and 18K recycled gold. Kimai diamonds are completely physically and chemically identical to the ones that come from the mining industry, making them a win for affordability and better treatment of the planet.

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A person in a black sports bra and boxers.

Comfy, sustainable underwear

Perhaps the best part of buying sustainable underwear? Those eco-friendly fabrics, like organic cotton, are always extra comfortable. Support companies like TomboyX, which sources its material from OEKO-TEX 100 certified cotton (free from harsh or environmentally harmful chemicals) and provides inclusive sizes from XS-4X by fit-testing on all body types. Another one of our favorites is Boodywear, made from organic, toxin-free bamboo plants.

Two people in sweaters, laying on a bed.


Snuggle up to your sweetie in bedding made of soft, sustainable material. Many of us are familiar with the popular Avocado organic bedding and eucalyptus sheets from Buffy, but there are also plenty of lesser-known companies. SOL Organics, for example, takes an ethical approach to its bedding, which is organic, fair trade-certified and tested for harmful substances.

Three pairs of glasses against a white, pink, blue and yellow background.

Eco-friendly eyewear

An important accessory many of us use every day, eyewear doesn’t have to be made from unsustainable materials. Bôhten Eyewear makes lightweight handmade frames that are sourced from sustainable materials in Africa like Zebrawood, Walnut, Ebony and Maple wood carbon fiber veneer. The company even makes blue light filtering lenses that protect your eyes from harmful blue light exposure. You can also check out 100% biodegradable sunglasses from Pela Vision.

A person holding two bottles of wine.

Proud Pour Wines

In September, Inhabitat reviewed a wine company that uses a portion of its proceeds to benefit 22 different environmental nonprofits that do everything from protecting bees and wild oysters to sea turtle and coral reef conservation. As the holidays approach, Proud Pour Wines should definitely stay on your radar. Bring a bottle or two to family dinner or gift your partner a starter pack, which includes three different bottles of wine supporting reefs (Rosé), oysters (Sauvignon Blanc) and bees (Pinot Noir). After you make a purchase, the company buys carbon offsets for your shipment.

Two people sit next to each other in dark bleu and green loungewear.


A lesson in sustainable fashion, Canadian-based Kotn uses direct trade to source raw ingredients straight from farmers (without the use of middlemen) to provide customers with fair prices that reflect quality and provide farmers with better prices and ethical business practices. The loungewear is made from authentic Egyptian Giza cotton, and proceeds help fund quality children’s education in the farming communities where the company sources its material.

Blue shoes partially obscured by green grass.


For footwear lovers, there’s been no shortage of fun sneakers made from sustainable materials in 2020. Allbirds, shoes made from eucalyptus wood pulp and Merino Wool are always a popular option, but you can also find amazing vegan footwear options at Cariuma or even fashion shoes made from upcycled algae.

A person holding and looking down at a tablet.

Hobby classes

Give the gift of knowledge with a subscription to unlimited online hobby classes by Brit+Co for just $10, or opt for more traditional educational courses from Coursera (where some classes can even be exchanged for college course credit). Masterclass ($15 a month billed annually) is also a fun idea, with online classes taught by some of the greatest minds in everything from arts and entertainment to cooking and sports.

A tent in the middle of a desert.

Book a staycation

Choose a gift that benefits both of you by booking a staycation through Airbnb or Glampinghub. With coronavirus likely restricting travel well into 2021, opting for a vacation close to home is the way to go this year. Even better, an outdoor camping trip offers a great way to disconnect from the rest of the world while enjoying nature and staying safely socially distanced.

A red and white holiday sweater.

Ethical cashmere sweater

Cashmere is a natural fabric, made from a type of goat that produces fine, soft wool that is usually shorn off about twice a year. Unfortunately, cashmere goats are often mistreated due to the high value of the fiber, and an uptick in production has created grazing pressure leading to the degradation of native grasslands, so seeking out a company that produces sustainable and ethical cashmere is important. Naadam sources directly from Mongolian herders while investing in veterinary care for the goats, and Kering has partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Society to help educate herders on more sustainable approaches.

Two books: to the left, Blue Zones Kitchen. To the right, Vegan in an Instant.

Healthy cookbook

Whether your partner is vegan, vegetarian or just likes to eat healthy, there’s a cookbook for it in 2020! Plus, cooking together is one of the best parts of the holidays and an even better idea for date nights. Vegan chef Marina Delio wrote a book called Vegan In An Instant full of over 100 plant based recipes for your slow cooker (for those busy post-holiday evenings), and Dan Buettner has gathered recipes from Blue Zones to bring us The Blue Zones Kitchen: 100 Recipes to Live to 100.

Images via Amazon, Avocado, Bôhten Eyewear, Katherine Gallagher / Inhabitat, Kimaï, Kotn, Naadam, Pixabay, Proud Pour and TomboyX