Home building and buying are modern-day decision-wheels with size and location options balanced with a desire for eco-friendly construction. Buying too large of a home creates wasteful material and utility usage. Buying too small means having to sell and re-buy when life requires more space. So, the Pittsburgh-based housing start-up Module decided to create homes that are both environmentally-friendly and modular, allowing them to grow with your family.

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a row of houses on a street. the house on the left is light gray with stairs leading up to the front door, the middle house is blue with windows and a garage, and the house on the right is white with windows and trees in front of it.

Under construction in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood, Module is providing three types of housing: a duplex, an affordable home and a market-value house. The location allows easy access to the homes via public transportation, bike, or foot.

The four housing units make up a Zero Energy Ready development. Zero Energy Ready certification means steps were taken to achieve extreme energy efficiency through quality HVAC and thermal protection systems. This not only conserves resources, but also saves the homeowner money. A fresh air system and safer building materials provide superior air quality too. Plus, a roof-to-foundation water barrier system keeps water from entering and damaging any part of the home. Inside the home, Energy Star products further reduce energy and water consumption.

a living space with sofa, glass coffee table, and gray chair. the walls are a light, white color and natural light filters into the room. in the background is a kitchen.

All this efficiency doesn’t require huge sacrifices. In fact, each design offers an outdoor pad that can be used as a patio or off-street parking. There are also yards and decks for entertaining and outdoor fun. The stand out feature of these homes is the modular capability. For example, the Haven design starts with a compact 1,000 square feet space. However, it can expand to 2,000 square feet with the addition of modules if the homeowner needs an additional bedroom or home office. Even the duplex, referred to as the Duo design, has expansion capabilities. Combined, the units provide 1,600 square feet of space, which can be adapted into over 2,500 square feet as needed.

a kitchen with three orange bar stools sat at an island in the kitchen. two light fixtures hang from the ceiling.

With the initial Pittsburgh development underway, Module is already seeking out other suitable vacant lots around the city where they can provide further adaptable and eco-friendly housing.

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