Confident Tiger’s mission is to provide beautiful, great-fitting lingerie to women of all sizes. Their sustainable lingerie line has more than 140 sizes, made to fit and ethically manufactured.

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Around 80% of people actually wear bras in the wrong size. Confident Tiger makes bras to fit breasts of all shapes and sizes. Their bras are made from recycled, end-of-roll Italian lace and bamboo silk. Confident Tiger’s signature bra is the made-to-order balcony bra, available in sizes 28C-44L. It has an underwire, unpadded and will fit perfectly and feel comfortable.

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Plus sizes, those that come in cup sizes D and above, are made with wider straps and a sling for extra support. These larger cup sizes also have an extra hook and eye to provide even more support. Otherwise, bras with larger cup sizes look identical to the other sizes.

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“Trying to find [a bra] that was flattering for my body and offered the supported I needed was an absolute nightmare,” Founder Clare Martin said in a statement.

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Martin believes women shouldn’t have to suffer from a bra that isn’t flattering or doesn’t feel good simply because they have larger breasts, or because they want a bra that’s sustainably made in an environmentally-friendly way. Her brand, Confident Tiger, “doesn’t penalize you for having bigger or smaller waists or breasts.”

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Find your true bra size using the Confident Tiger measuring tape and bra measurement calculator. You can also book an online Zoom fitting. Even professionals who work in department stores and lingerie shops often do not know how to properly measure bra size.

Because while bras have changed over the years, the way breasts and chests are measured has not. The old measuring system is based on thicker materials and different bra-making methods. It’s time to upgrade the way breasts and chests are measured, and Confident Tiger realizes that.

“I believe attractive underwear should not only respect your body, but also the environment and the people making them,” Martin said.

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All Confident Tiger lingerie is created using 90% sustainable and recyclable materials. They are made to order using responsible sourcing through ethical working conditions and working practices. The entire supply chain has been vetted.

Millions of bras make their way to landfills every single year. In the U.K. alone, where Confident Tiger is based, almost two million bras go to the landfill annually. Some synthetic fabrics, like polyester, can take up to 200 years to break down. The little pieces of metal and plastic used in hooks, snaps and slides take 200 to 400 years to naturally break down and decompose.

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That’s why Confident Tiger bras are made with sustainable, recyclable materials. It’s also the reason behind their bra recycling initiative. Return any bra you no longer want by purchasing a compostable, prepaid mailing bag.

Fill it with the bras you don’t want. They will be sent to be repaired and redistributed to countries where bras are expensive to make and purchase. For every ton of bras returned, Confident Tiger will make a donation to Against Breast Cancer. Everyone who returns a bra will receive a voucher toward their next Confident Tiger purchase.

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Now, women who are looking for a great-fitting, great-feeling and great-looking bra that is responsibly made, ethically sourced and crafted with environmentally-friendly materials will find that they do have an option. They have Confident Tiger.

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