Design students Jeffrey Gerlach and Andrew Stanley have instituted an informal furniture catch-and-release program. With just a few steps, they have discovered a way to construct a clever and stylish Adirondack chair using Department of Public Works roadblocks that are simple, easy-to-assemble, and instantly returnable to the urban wild.

found furniture, diy adirondack chair, industrial design, jeffrey gerlach, andrew stanley, dpw adirondack chair, syracuse university industrial design

Simple assembly of this DIY chair involves the simple interlocking of two roadblock endpieces — then they are ready for sitting and enjoying the inner-city view. Gerlach and Stanley have been experimenting with found and discarded objects while studying at Syracuse University. They hope this endeavor will inspire impromptu chair assembly. Perhaps we’ll start to see DPW Adirondack Chairs pop up where folks wait for buses, or possibly where citizens are seeking to make a creative impact on the urban landscape. Chillin.’

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