One innovative Melbourne-based brewery is going the distance when it comes to eco-friendly beer production. Located in the heart of Melbourne’s Docklands district, the design of the newly-opened Urban Alley Brewery incorporates a sustainable end-to-end production cycle to create its frothy cold brew without harming the environment. The innovative system includes a number of eco-friendly practices, such as an on site bio-waste plant and biodegradable can holders.

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Melbourne’s bustling Docklands district is a growing area with a vibrant dining and entertainment scene. However, behind the swanky new restaurants and bars is a strong emphasis on community-focused initiatives. Adding to this sense of local pride is Urban Alley Brewery, which is partnering with a local distillery to sustainably produce its tasty beer selections.

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Urban Alley Brewery founder Ze'ev

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The beer distilling process is quite complicated, requiring a rapid heating and cooling process that typically uses 3,000 times more gas than the average home. By connecting its innovative installations with the neighboring distillery, Urban Alley can exchange water at the desired temperature from the brewery to the distillery and vice versa, significantly reducing gas emissions.

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In addition to minimizing emissions, the brewery’s most innovative sustainable feature is its on-site bio-waste plant. This large installation enables the brewery to break down virtually any waste resulting from the production system to be repurposed as fertilizer. This process also creates natural gas, which is used to power the brewery. The brewery’s wastewater is also sent to an on-site water treatment plant for reuse.

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Another item on the brewery’s list of eco-mindfulness is the company’s use of biodegradable six pack rings, which are manufactured using grain remnants. The rings not only provide a great alternative to plastic, but can be safely eaten by marine life. While many breweryies around the world are finally eschewing plastic rings for biodegradable versions, currently Urban Alley Brewery is the only brewery in Australia to implement its use.

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