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So as not to detract from the surrounding landscape, the Ion Hotel was built to look like an extension of the land, emerging from the mountain base like a mass of hardened lava. The architects renovated and expanded the hotel using mnmMOD, a prefabricated panelized building system that helps reduce the building’s carbon footprint. Floor-to-ceiling windows capture natural daylight and offer panoramic views of the surrounding moss and lava landscape.

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The interior of the hotel is furnished with locally sourced and recycled material, from the organic and fair trade bed linen to the lights made from lava and reclaimed wood. The hotel is equipped with water-saving shower systems that are powered by clean, energy-efficient geothermal heating and hot water. Contemporary Icelandic arts and crafts are featured throughout the hotel to immerse visitors in local culture.

+ Minarc Architects

Via ArchDaily

Images via Minarc Architects, Ion Hotel Facebook Page