Hybrids, electrics, and Twikes, oh my! Last week’s Eco-Transportation show in Chicago left visitors in awe at the wide array of safe, efficient, and environmentally-friendly transportation options on the market today. Organized by Foresight Design Initiative, the Chicago-based non-profit dedicated to the furthering of sustainable design efforts, the first Eco-transportation show, held on the streets of downtown Chicago, had a simple mission: to showcase more sustainable transportation choices.

Show highlights included the battery-powered Twike, a three-wheeled, pod-shaped cousin of the traditional bicycle, a bio-diesel Volkswagen Passat, an electric pick-up truck and ATV, and the “sport-utility” Extracycle, capable of toting luggage, another person, or even an armchair.

The event is yet another example of The City of Chicago’s recent commitment to green efforts, at both a grassroots and government level. Attendees ranged from interested passers-by to the Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Environment.

The event coincided with Foresight’s monthly Green Drinks event and a discussion panel entitled City Planning for More Sustainable Transportation.

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