After the very exciting 2007 Conflux Festival in Brooklyn, NY, we are excited announce a new competition that challenges designers to improve the visual representation of eco-statistics. Check out Eyebeam‘s sponsorship of the Eco-Vis Challenge– you can submit an eco-icon or a graphic representation of a set of important environmental data. This is a great way for graphic designers to play an integral part in the eco-dialog.

Deadlines are November 5th and December 8th.
Check out all the details here>>>

The Challenge

1. Eco Icons

Create one or many information graphics that could be used to make visible environmental / ecological concerns

Thematically, these are icons that engage the politics of information and the persuasion of graphics. Examples of icons could include logos for web sites, stickers to place on objects or buildings, drawings/patterns to draw or stencil on to streets and buildings, stickers/tags that could be shopdropped in stores with information about the environmental impact of a product. You can invent a whole range of icons and their uses.

The Eco Icons Challenge will end on Monday, November 5, 2007.

2. Eco-Vis

Create an eco-visualization based on at least one set of ecological impact data

Your job as an “eco-visualizer” is to reveal hidden ways of thinking and to suggest alternative frameworks to a theme or various themes, and at least one data set. This could take the form of dynamic data visualization, a print graphic, a real-world intervention, or some other inventive form. The key is to create a greater understanding of the theme or data through clear and inventive design.

The Eco-Vis Challenge will end on Saturday, December 8, 2007.

Possible themes for both of the above challenges: Greenhouse gases, Global warming, Water, Oil (production, consumption, cost), Coal, Transportation, Waste, Recycling, Food (organic, fast food, GMO’s), Nuclear Energy and Waste, Alternative Energy, Natural Disasters, Weather, Migration, Extinction (species, natural resources, languages), Policy, Politics, Voting (election, candidates), Packaging and Manufacturing, and Shipping (trucks and boats).

Winning designs will be awarded cash prizes and, along with finalists, be included in an upcoming Eyebeam exhibition.

This challenge is an initiative of Eyebeam’s Sustainability Research Group and has been crafted by Research Group members and Eyebeam Alumni, Michael Mandiberg and Brooke Singer.

+ Details for Eco-Vis Challenge submission guidelines